Saturday, January 17, 2009

Would you share your aloneness?

Sharing your solitary self takes trust. Revealing the inner workings of your heart exposes you to the rebuke of indifference and the icy frustration of not being taken seriously. WHO wants to suffer the pain of not being heard when you most need someone to listen? To allow another (it will only be one or two at best, never others) to come close, to know the same self you are when you are alone with yourself, is the heart of intimacy. Being intimate is displaying in the presence of another the self you discover in solitude. WHAT A RISK HANGS ON THIS. If you show your true self and are rejected because the other person did not understand or care enough to allow you to make yourself understood, you recoil, perceiving the whole world as hollow, empty as a shadow play. Where is life's meaning if such sacred knowing cannot be shared? Kindred spirits do not need to work on this. In each other' s presence they find all the encouragement they need to be alone together. First you must love being alone with yourself. Then you must love the other. The selves that appear in that interface define a world that appears every time they are together. Which is the reflection? which is the source?

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