Saturday, January 17, 2009

Being Alone is good

When you have found yourself, being alone is privilege, not a punishment. All the good work that you do comes when you are alone. All of your dreams are dreamed alone. Your best ideas are conceived in solitude. Your dream of a better world and the contribution you will make to it will also come when you are alone. Your creations and inventions, your solutions to the problems that most vex you, all come to you in isolation. It is only when you are by yourself that you can be receptive to the stillness of your inner voice. This is the voice that tells you what you need to know, the inner directive, the heart of your soul given words. This solitude is the place from which your originality and specialness issue. In your aloneness you hear music and see art most clearly. Only when you are alone can you receive the gifts the world presents. In your aloneness you are in touch with the energy that runs the world. The things you take from this place fortify your spirit with grace, forgive your ineptness, and fill you with new resolve. Learn to love being with yourself. It is the highest place to which you can aspire.

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zewt said...

being alone is always good, of course, it should not be the case all the time.