Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crack Comedy

Laptop Lover comedy song

Tough Interviews

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Winnie Hsin's concert live in Genting

She is my first best known vocalist and I've been listening to her songs since 10 years old. For an idol in 30s of a 10 years old girl is probably common in my opinion. Therefore, July 26th of 2008 today is a special day in reminiscing my past along the concert in Genting. Her songs are heart-touching and soulful. Anyone that has heard her songs will know what i mean. The video that I've uploaded here is my top voted for Winnie's song lists. =P

The lyrics are so meaningful if only you understands. =)

Mulan tonight

This video reminds me of my childhood days...i like Mulan and still is. She has the charisma which i adore so much & she really does tell the world of how tough a woman can be if she wants to. It's my all-time favorite heroine.

I enclose the lyrics below;

Da jia tong xin zuo zhan rang xiong nu jue wang
Wei he zhe qun shi bing dou xiang ge gu niang
Ni men ben zuo san man you niu nie
Wo hui gai bian ni de qian tu
Yao cheng wei nan zi han bu ren shu

Za wen ni de bu lv nei xin yao jian ding
Kai kuo ni de xiong jin qiu sheng yao jue xin
Dan xiao you hai pa xin luan ru ma
Ni jing huang mang ran wu zhu
Yao cheng wei nan zi han bu ren shu

(Wo qi chuan ru niu kuai duan qi)
(Xi fang ji le deng wo guang lin)
(Wo kan da jia quan dou bei ta xia sha liao)
(Ta men dan zhan you xin jing)
(Wo de shen fen hai shi mi mi)
(Diao dao shui li ke hui yao le wo xiao ming)

(Nan zi han) Xing dong kuai su xiang na jiang he tuan ji
(Nan zi han) Po huai li xiang na feng bao wu qing
(Nan zi han) Man qiang re xue xiang na ye huo ya jing
Shen chu gui mo xiang na an ye de e meng

Shi guang hao bu liu qing xiong nu kuai bi jin
Ting cong wo de zhi ling cai neng gou huo ming
Sha chang tai can ku xue guang sha lu
Ruo hai pa ta shang gui lu
Yao cheng wei nan zi han bu ren shu

A song of Reflection and I like it best in Japanese. Best stuff to reminisce!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home sweet home

Guys! Have u ever thought a miracle could happen to you? or are you a person whom thinking miracle doesn't exist in "life"? Have you ever noticed how the world has changed and is still changing to an unfamiliar and u were thinking why and how I am still living in such a brutal devilishness society? Burglary, theft, kidnapping cases and etc happens every minute around the globe!! Humans survive by adapting to the sickening society and wondering if they could ever find a reason for themselves not to. Humorously, I was flabbergasted to find these goddess-stricken hearted people addressing himself as David Hoe, came back to ask for my forgiveness. Yes, you guessed it right!! My pet dog, Tzuki was being returned by them on 14th of July of 2008. He was out there for exactly 2 weeks.

David is somehow related to the kidnapper. They are friends. The moment i knew, i wasn't getting any good impression but was grateful at the same time for his kindness deed. Dad was truly disappointed for Tzuki's returned as he now has to bear the responsibility & downrightly pointing his fingers at him for everything that had happened. He did wish baby would never has had came back. Nevertheless, he is thinking of giving him away.

Mum & i weren't all that agree but hey, he is the breadwinner and we HAVE to listen. Sometimes i wish i would have some say in this family. I somehow wish that i am financially independent & arsely smart because in his belief, the smartest gets the most respect, at least being listened to (I've been living under my cousin sister's shadow until the day i realised it doesn't matters anymore cause one should accept as who they are, not trying to be accepted) . I am such a small potato in everything to him. He never ever understands what a pet means to us. All he sees is the pain of having one especially for Siberian Husky. He definitely needs to learn to like baby but i doubt. Mummy! Bro! HELP

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sorry bout the small fonts...

I'm a newbie in blogging so mind me for being inconsiderate, in fact, i wasn't actually because i took less heed on checking them before publishing. My bad guys ! No similar mistakes anymore. This blog is not solely intended for personal experiences and stories about my whereabouts and what-I'm doing-right-now. I don't want to narrow down and i think it would be better if i leave it to grow in different directions. I will write about anything with a hope that it will be educational for viewers or leaving the blog page with amusing insights...something to be learned for the day. The blog updates could be sporadic so please bear with me. ^^ *Peace* and I love you all...more posts are coming up so stay tune!

Discover the active relaxation

There is a huge difference between active relaxation and passive relaxation. When we play computer games, play cards, work in the garden, walk the dog, go into a chat room, or play chess, we are interacting with the unexpected, and our minds are responding. All of these activities increase personal creativity and intellectual motivation. They are all active pursuits.

Active relaxation refreshes and restores the mind. It keeps it flexible and toned for thinking.
Great thinkers have known this secret for a long time. Winston Churchill used to paint to relax. Albert Einstein played the violin. They could relax one part of the brain while stimulating the another. When they returned to workday pursuits they were fresher and sharper than ever.

Most of us try to deaden the mind in order to relax. We watch mindless videos, read pulp fiction, boozing with mates, smoke, and eat until we're foggy and bloated. The problem with this form of relaxation is that it dulls our spirit ( esp. for girls ) and makes it hard to come back to consciousness.

The restorative powers of computer & video games, chess or crossword puzzles requires stimulating recreational thinking. "Thinking is the hardest thing we do," said Henry Ford, "which is why so few people ever do it." But when we find ways to link thinking to recreation, our lives get richer a little. We become players in the game of life and not just spectators. Try making a difference today and tell me how u felt for the day...Don't u have guilt-free psychologically when u try taking a break out?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Te voy a extrañar/ LU

Te voy a extrañar/ my favorite song at the moment !! Even if you don't understand all of it, it's still a gorgeous song to sing and dance along since I have nicely posted the lyrics below! Enjoyy ;)

De sólo sentir el miedo intacto de que habrá un final
Inevitable quitarle a mi cuerpo las ganas de llorar

Quiero encontrar solución a este martirio que mata
Lento al amor. y como puedo aceptar, y como puedo
Sentir que ya no hay más

Por lo que sea te pido perdón
Pero vuelve a mi vida amor, yo sin ti ya no soy

Te voy a extrañar, te voy llorar y en mi cuerpo
Se quedan los restos que me diste al amar y pocos
Sabrán de lo nuestro y muchos dirán que nada puede cambiar
Que me olvide ya y ser honesto pero yo no puedo
Y ahora tú te me vas y espero con ansia el regreso.
Aquí yo me quedo

Y cómo enfrento el silencio muerto, yo no puedo callar.
Te necesito y tengo miedo de que no vuelvas ya

Yo te quisiera olvidar pero el recuerdo lo vuelve un jamás
No veo la vida sin ti, tengo que dejarte ir, no puedo más

Por lo que sea te pido perdón
Pero vuelve a mi vida amor, yo sin ti ya no soy

Espero con ansia el regreso