Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tour around Xi'an

Lord Bao Ching Tian in an introduction on the Prefecture of Kaifeng (ancient China history)

A family of 30
a snapshot when Jason's embarrass

earthquake causes some destruction to the tower, can u see what we're referring to?

AHA! there's my high school senior!

Jason the wacky with me & Sam


At a scene of Master Tai Chi performance


Elementary school in suburb

The kids at a the village
Mom, Samantha, Carol, Chow, Jason

The Women's Weekly cover front (available only by request)

Water cascades at Yuntaishan

seems fine but we are on the cliff of the waterfall *eikk*

Yoo hoo *this is the one, u know what I'm saying babe*


Hong Kong TVB filming me for the series On the Road (broadcasting once in a week) Friends from Hong Kong & Macau should know this! *wink*

Songshan shaolin

Songshan Shaolin Scenic Spots
(once there was a kid whom is a diciple to the Shaolin Kung Fu master became a star in an overnight due to his talent & was given an opportunity to act in TVB. Soon, he was best sought after from Japan, China & Hong Kong's entertainment industry to participate in most action-pack movies. He has now been studying & yet to show any sign of making a career in acting. )

Found a Chi hua hua on the street in China.

"Gimme a kiss-muack"

My crush is in the pic! Find him if you could!!^^

The moment of self actualization

*woot* cool mom!

was trying to get some shade
At the coffee table for a "loong piau piau" drink

Good take!The holy mom
Elaine & mom

Dynasty-Tang Palace Cultural Dance
Spring outing Dance
Hua Qing Palace instrumental
Masked Warriors Dance
Spring Orioles Song (A Pai Xiao Solo)
Feather Dress Dance
White Sleeve Dance

Elaine & mom at the Tang Palace Dinner Table of Shanxi Grand Opera House in Xi'an China
Me at Yang Gui Fei's & emperor's recreational park

Beauty Yang's spa

Beauty Yang after a Hot Spring bath

Terracotta sculpture

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zewt said...

wanted to hop over from beijing... but i think i have to make this xi'an trip a separate one! :)