Thursday, December 18, 2008


The Devilish mind: I can't seem to set my mind on something which needs more consideration. I haven't done any deep thinking into what comes in the next phases. I need time but am aware it's running out. I couldn't catch nor find my way back to square one. It's a disappointment by far. I hate losing my true self...was that an external psychology taking its way in...Where in particular are my passion? What could be done to find them? Why am i feeling sulky towards unimportant stuff? Where are my principles...

The Angelic mind: I've got to fish it out. Fear not. You know what you wanted. List them out like you had enlisted them. You had your mental notes. Search them from your system. You'll be amazed at how enlighten you are as you did. Read the inspirational books. Keep your materialization at bay. Survive frugally is your prioritized goal. One million spent on me has to have its worth. You've got to triple the figure in years time. There's no such thing as intentional studies. One leads to another and you don't predict. You wouldn't know where you'll be diverted into. You'll know when you are in a position for it. Enrich yourself with the potentials. Don't sway from your goals to gold. Last but not least, be grateful. Thank lord for sending me to the world of competence where it's the best place to grow. Growing up with responsibilities and expectations are transcendent. I'm grateful.

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