Sunday, November 9, 2008

Important Dates


Tzuki-Leong; born in April 5th 2006, arrived in May 4th 2006 ( 10 days before my birthday
& 37 days before mum's ). Godfathered & adopted in the late 20th of September 2008, the day
he left us for his new life in Johor, Malaysia.

Tommy-Leong; born in January 1st 2007, adopted in June 9th 2007. Has been a real
gentleman after all these years being with me.

Lucky-Leong; born in June 1st 2008, arrived in the early month of July. Genetically inherited
with Dermaseptic acne & he's in an intensive care treatments. Keep our fingers cross!

1 comment:

Doreen said...

Awww.....they're so cute. Don't worry, Lucky will be very lucky. He will recover in no time.