Saturday, September 20, 2008

TVB Moonlight Resonance- Talk to me

I would never be so fickle-headed like Yu Sou Chau but that doesn't mean I'll get together with Goon Ka Zhai. Anyway, I just realised there's a connection that i can't explain which happens in every episode because I can't stop cying whenever Yeung Yi(Tavia) cries. My heart sank deeply when the scene happens & it doesn't thwart me from joining in.'s all for the love ones.

I DON'T understand why a person has to cry for another if whoever doesn't care enough. If you have to cry, then the guy you're seeing is wrong for you. Well said for now~

Lets put on your earplugs & enjoy the music~


you talk to me
you speak with me
don't sink before you rise baby
don't fade away
you hesitate
you seem to wait
for all the time we had
feels like a world away
who's to say
we'll be ok
we're gonna make it through the night
don't wanna wake up in this state
i just want us both to smile
cause we're the same
and i know that we'll never change
look i bought your favourite ice cream
i dont wanna see it melt away
if you walk out now
i don't know if we're gonna be the same
baby just talk with me
cause i want you to stay here with me

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Doreen said...

Haven't been watching TVB series for quite a while. I guess I'm more into Taiwanese :) Anyway, you have got a gorgeous malamute! I have always wanted a malamute but thought they are quite high maintenance so I got a border collie instead.