Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home sweet home

Guys! Have u ever thought a miracle could happen to you? or are you a person whom thinking miracle doesn't exist in "life"? Have you ever noticed how the world has changed and is still changing to an unfamiliar and u were thinking why and how I am still living in such a brutal devilishness society? Burglary, theft, kidnapping cases and etc happens every minute around the globe!! Humans survive by adapting to the sickening society and wondering if they could ever find a reason for themselves not to. Humorously, I was flabbergasted to find these goddess-stricken hearted people addressing himself as David Hoe, came back to ask for my forgiveness. Yes, you guessed it right!! My pet dog, Tzuki was being returned by them on 14th of July of 2008. He was out there for exactly 2 weeks.

David is somehow related to the kidnapper. They are friends. The moment i knew, i wasn't getting any good impression but was grateful at the same time for his kindness deed. Dad was truly disappointed for Tzuki's returned as he now has to bear the responsibility & downrightly pointing his fingers at him for everything that had happened. He did wish baby would never has had came back. Nevertheless, he is thinking of giving him away.

Mum & i weren't all that agree but hey, he is the breadwinner and we HAVE to listen. Sometimes i wish i would have some say in this family. I somehow wish that i am financially independent & arsely smart because in his belief, the smartest gets the most respect, at least being listened to (I've been living under my cousin sister's shadow until the day i realised it doesn't matters anymore cause one should accept as who they are, not trying to be accepted) . I am such a small potato in everything to him. He never ever understands what a pet means to us. All he sees is the pain of having one especially for Siberian Husky. He definitely needs to learn to like baby but i doubt. Mummy! Bro! HELP

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