Sunday, July 6, 2008

Discover the active relaxation

There is a huge difference between active relaxation and passive relaxation. When we play computer games, play cards, work in the garden, walk the dog, go into a chat room, or play chess, we are interacting with the unexpected, and our minds are responding. All of these activities increase personal creativity and intellectual motivation. They are all active pursuits.

Active relaxation refreshes and restores the mind. It keeps it flexible and toned for thinking.
Great thinkers have known this secret for a long time. Winston Churchill used to paint to relax. Albert Einstein played the violin. They could relax one part of the brain while stimulating the another. When they returned to workday pursuits they were fresher and sharper than ever.

Most of us try to deaden the mind in order to relax. We watch mindless videos, read pulp fiction, boozing with mates, smoke, and eat until we're foggy and bloated. The problem with this form of relaxation is that it dulls our spirit ( esp. for girls ) and makes it hard to come back to consciousness.

The restorative powers of computer & video games, chess or crossword puzzles requires stimulating recreational thinking. "Thinking is the hardest thing we do," said Henry Ford, "which is why so few people ever do it." But when we find ways to link thinking to recreation, our lives get richer a little. We become players in the game of life and not just spectators. Try making a difference today and tell me how u felt for the day...Don't u have guilt-free psychologically when u try taking a break out?

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